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Benefits of Watermelon for Your Sexual Life

Watermelon is a tasty treat that most people associate with summer and picnics. This staple of your childhood actually has a bigger purpose now that you’re an adult . . . improving your sex life.

While watermelon is probably the last fruit you’d think of when it comes to sex, the juicy red fruit is packed with citrulline. This useful phyto-nutrient converts to the amino acid arginine when you ingest it. Arginine has a great effect on the circulatory system. It also increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body, which has a Viagra-like effect on the blood vessels.

Nitric oxide helps promote blood flow to the genitals, particularly in men. There are a number of medications that have been used to get the same effect, but eating watermelon is often preferable. The best part? There are no side effects from biting into your new favorite snack.

Want to drastically boost your citrulline intake and make sure your libido stays high? Watermelon juice is the best way to get plenty of the delicious summer fruit. If you have a juicer, add the rind, too, since that has a higher concentration of the phyto-nutrient.

Watermelon can enhance your sex life, whether erectile dysfunction is an issue or not. It’s not just for men, either! Women can enjoy the effects of the phyto-nutrients found in the fruit, too, especially when combined with other sexy foods.

Chop some watermelon into a fruit salad, have a slice as a snack, or get a little bit more complicated with this watermelon juice recipe:

Super Sexy Watermelon Juice

Ready to spice up your love life? This delicious juice will spark your libido and enhance your lovemaking.


Watermelon, with the rind1 cup
Ginger root1 inch
Coconut water½ cup 
Mango1 mango


  1. Juice the watermelon, ginger and mango;
  2. Mix in the coconut water and add some ice for a chilly, refreshing drink.

The mango and coconut water will give you extra sugar to keep energy levels up and the coconut water is great for keeping you hydrated, improving stamina. Ginger and watermelon both act as aphrodisiacs and enhance sexual performance.

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