Best Sex Stores & Discount Coupons

Are you looking for reliable adult stores that offer discounts or free shipping? Here is a selection of stores for you.

1. Sex Talk About Boutique

Sex Talk About has its own boutique, with a fine selection of products, most of them handmade in house and sold exclusively through our website.

We ship discreetly, fast and to anywhere in Canada and the United States. What’s more, you can use the promo code WAXPLAY to get free shipping on orders over CAD $60!

2. PinkCherry Sex Store

PinkCherry offers daily promotions. Simply visit their website and take a look at the promo code of the day (in red).


3. LELO Store

LELO offers some unique products, such as the innovative LELO HEX condom. Click on the link below (in red) to fill in the LELO survey and get 20% discount on your purchase.

LELO Sex Survey