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Here Is My Prediction: You Will ”Boodigo” Porn from Now On

Are you in the mood to watch a naughty video today and decided to browse for one through the search engine you use every day? Wait! Now there is a more discreet and secure place for performing your search for adult content. It is called Boodigo and, trust me, after reading this Q&A interview I did with one of its founders, Mr. Colin Rowntree, you will “boodigo” porn from now on.

Mr. Colin RownTree. / Courtesy Mr. RownTree.

The Internet these days tends to marginalize adult content, both in terms of searching and ads. In the past, however, it was exactly the opposite. Why did this shift happen in your opinion?

Mainstream search sites and news/info outlets really began the marginalization of adult at least 7 years ago. Part of what drove this shift is that more and more mainstream advertisers entered the market with massive ad budgets which dwarfed what had been spent by adult providers during the previous decade. This resulted in mainstream publisher sites that rely on advertising and content to pull very far back from adult as not to offend their “whale” clients in mainstream.  After all, the makers or Oil of Olay really don’t want their ads to appear on the same sites and search results as group sex Bukkake sites for keyword search and ad results for the term “Facial”.

For Internet users, what differentiates search engines like Google and Bing from Boodigo? What are the advantages for users when searching adult content through Boodigo?

Although Google and Bing provide very valuable search services for mainstream results (I use them all day myself!), they are simply not focused on adult content and tend to return a lot of results that surfers aren’t really looking for.  For instance, if you type in the search term “blowjob” on Google and Bing, you’ll get many many pages of articles about the topic in Ladies Home Journal, Wikipedia, Cosmo and such, and then somewhere down on page 7, you start to get links to tube sites offering pirated blowjob content.  Boodigo is different in many ways, and important to this aspect is that our top search results come from real adult sites with quality, legal content, including the vast repository of adult blogs within Tumblr that you can’t actually search for on Tumblr itself!

One other important feature we built into Boodigo is “BoodiAds“.  This allows adult site owners to buy pay-per-click advertising for their sites.  We did this in response to Google banning most adult websites from their AdWords platform last year and provides a safe haven for adult content providers to connect with targeted, interested surfers.

“Our goals are to provide accurate and relevant search results for adult content to users in an anonymous environment, and to suppress as much pirated content sites as possible in our search results. And, it’s not just for porn!  Any adult interests in legal topics are welcome.  Our #1 growth area for new listings is legal marijuana in the USA.”

Courtesy Mr. RownTree.

The ethical side of Boodigo is what most earned my appreciation. When typing “Child porn” in the search engine, for example, the result shows a list related to the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP). What a wonderful way to fight against crimes like this over the Internet! Could you tell us a little bit more about that?

The collaboration between ASACP and Boodigo is a match made in heaven!  Before launch in 1994, we anticipated that illegal sites (such as child porn) would be quick to start adding their sites to Boodigo organic listings and we felt VERY strongly we needed to prevent this and fight back against these scumbags. As a pre-emptive strike, we teamed up with our old friends at ASACP and use their keyword database for known c.p. terms and if a surfer enters such a word or phrase, all we return is a helpful list of urls at ASACP of how they can help fight child porn! The irony is rich, and it works well to keep these sort of results off of Boodigo.

As an expansion of this effort, Boodigo has been approved as the first and only adult site to be licensed “PhotoDNA” technology that was donated to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children(NCMEC) by Microsoft. In this, if someone submits a link to a c.p. site, or our web spider finds one, this technology reports the site via NCMEC to international law enforcement agencies for investigation and prosecution.  We anticipate this going live in mid-October and are proud to be able to use this as an effective means of stamping out child pornography on the internet.

Apart from the search engine itself, are there other projects related to Boodigo that you guys are working on right now and could share with us?

Another newly launched feature is  This is a free blog hosting service for authors and creative types to have a free and censorship-safe place to host their blogs.

And then there is our adult news site, Basically a news and info portal about new adult films and projects which we do in conjunction with adult studios and PR firms that represent them.

Aside from that, many new developments at our flagship adult sites (BDSM/Fetish, online since 1994) and (Porn For Women, published and directed by my wife Angie and online since 1999).  For both of these sites, we are now shooting our original movies in 4K to stay ahead of the tech curve and this new filming technology is simply astounding in quality!  Drones are next!

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