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Tips for Female Erotica Authors, by J. Lee Roberts

Five things a woman should know about writing erotica:

1. Research

Doing research is by far the best part of writing erotica. Don’t be shy, involve your partner(s). Read all the erotica books you can find, then practice the positions and events that take place within the story lines. (Some improvisation may be required :). ) Reliving the fantasy is the only way you will truly know how to express in words how your characters will react to specific sensations. As a bonus, its loads of fun and extremely transformative.

 2. Create memorable characters

Every good story needs a hero/heroin. Someone your readers can fall in love with and relate to. Invent personas you would want to read about. Characters that move you and relate to your experiences. In my own writing, my heroin is Catalina. She is pure fantasy, my alter ego come to life. She allows me to live out every fantasy ever imagined. Let your characters do the same for you and your audience.

 3. Develop a plot/storyline

The perfect characters mean nothing if they have nothing to do and no one to fall for. I use historical and scientific research, which when meshed with devious sexual acts, comes together to compose my elaborate adventures of my sexy seductress.

I admit the plot is the hardest part. You as the writer must find a subject that moves and inspires you. If you are not having fun writing it, your readers wont enjoy it either. The reverse rings true as well. The saying ‘write what you know,’ can be very useful, but I prefer “write what you want to know.”

 4. Feel no shame

As a woman, society dictates we remain demure and modest for our own safety. I admit my own partner has had reservations about letting me do public appearances. As women, we can not allow ourselves to become victims of fear. Be proud of who you are and what you do. There is nothing wrong with being sexual or sensuous. There is no shame in writing what others dream of doing. Be bold and fearless, write about things that shake the stigmatic tree. If you still have concerns for your safety, for the world does have its creeps, use a pen name and a fictional photo to protect yourself. There’s no point in acting bold if you don’t feel that way. Writing should be a release, not a cage.

 5. Tell all your friends

This is the best and the worst part. Who do you tell and who do you keep in the dark? After I published the first volume of Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings, I wanted to tell everyone. I soon realized that those closest to you, associate the characters with you and when it comes to family it can get a bit weird ;-).

On the positive side when I told my friends, they thought it was very impressive and exciting that I wrote erotica. I admit they perceive me differently. They now see my dirty side, possibly more clearly than I can myself. Fortunately, I have had no adverse reactions to being an erotica writer. At least none that I am aware of (stupid haters). That can’t be said for all. If you feel any uncertainty about telling family and friends, then just don’t. Keep the secret. Let your pen name become your alter ego.

I failed to mention publishing and press for a good reason. The act of getting published can be very intimidating. Don’t burden yourself with logistics at first. Just write, the rest will come.

catalina j lee roberts

Author: J. Lee Roberts

J. Lee Roberts is an American erotica writer. She is the author of Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings series that recounts the adventures of a sexy seductress.

Books in the series:

  • Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings – Cleopatra Pearls (Vol.1)
  • Catalina, Queen of the NightlingsThe Aztec Goddess (Vol. 2)

To learn more about the author and her erotic fantasy books, visit

Follow J. Lee Roberts on Twitter: @catalinasden.

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