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Sex Dolls: Masturbation Taken Seriously!


Sex dolls…. it’s been a long, long time since I thought about sex dolls. In fact, the last time was probably in the 1980s – I’d have been a teenager, flicking through a copy of some cheap porn mag that one of my friends had stolen from his dad.

The back pages of these magazines contained scores of poorly-produced ads – simple line drawings with text or a badly reproduced photo with garish coloured wording.

The sex doll ads seemed almost deliberately unpleasant – a vinyl blow-up thing more scary than seductive with painted-on features and stuck-on pubic hair.

They were the stuff of horror movies! Even as a super-horny 16-year-old they never appealed.

Rethinking Sex Dolls

But I’m a couple of decades older – what’s changed?

Let’s consider two chaps: Bob and John.

Bob’s horny and hasn’t had a woman in a while. He goes home, unfastens his jeans… and runs his hand over his own member. He then proceeds to bring himself off.

It’s just Bob and his hand…

John’s horny too and hasn’t had a woman in a while. He goes home, unfastens his jeans… and runs his hand over the soft, giving curves of the immaculately made-up beauty laying expectantly across his bed….

His lips meets hers, his eyes close and his tongue meets her tongue….one hand finds its way into her knickers to caress the folds of her soft pussy as he moves his mouth down to the swell of her breasts…

He whispers some sweet nothings before inserting himself into the welcoming caress of her true-to-life opening. He takes as long as he likes – and she won’t object if that’s not very long – varying his strokes according to mood until… well, until fireworks.

It’s just John and…let’s call her Jasmine.

Both chaps came home from work feeling horny; both men got their relief. Which one had the most satisfying time of it, do you think? Which one had the more vivid, tactile, near-reality fantasy to help, you know, fuel the fire?

Masturbation Was Never This Good

All masturbation requires a fantasy element – something mental that approximates to a real-life possibility. A sex doll adds a physical element to the mix – taking your arousal to a new level.

And just look at sex dolls these days. Aren’t they… beautiful? This is no longer painted-on vinyl and shiny nylon hair… These dolls – these ‘girls’ – have facial shapes, contours, skin tone…. they have features, expressions. Their silicone forms have a give and feel similar to skin. Their moveable limbs allow all sorts of scenarios.

Almost as Good as the Real Thing…

Whilst no girlfriend of mine ever turned up on a date with her own puncture repair kit, a sex doll is, I think, as close as you can get to a real woman without her actually being a real woman.

Many agree, and dolls are becoming mainstream – check out this sub-Reddit for videos of men actually using them. (Do I need to warn that this link is not safe for work?)

There are similarly realistic sex dolls for women now – men with chest muscles, chiseled abs, good looks and never-let-you-down erections. What girl would settle for an ordinary dildo after that?

While I wasn’t paying attention, there’s been a revolution in sex dolls. And artificial Intelligence sex dolls are next: dolls that converse, recall previous conversations and even have a responsive G-spot. They will eventually be on sale at around $10,000 so clearly not an impulse buy. But the possibilities for pleasure seem endless.

In the end, doll sex is just masturbation. Most of us do it. A guy with a doll is just taking his masturbation a bit more seriously than a guy with a sock. Laugh at him all you want but… I think he’s the one enjoying himself the most.

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