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Tips on Feng Shui for Love and Romance



The art of feng shui looks at how the placements of objects within a room affect the flow of the room’s energy. This ancient Chinese art also examines how every item in your room influences your personal energy in many different areas of your life.

If you’re going to feng shui your bedroom, the arrangements that you make can drastically alter your love life for the better. When you apply feng shui principles to your bedroom for love and romance purposes, it can affect your life energy as well as that of any romantic partner. So practice care with these ancient principles.

Your Bedroom

When it comes to feng shui, you always want to take into account the actual location of your bedroom. You never want to have your bedroom in what is known as the “dragon’s mouth”. The dragon’s mouth is a room located at the end of a long hallway or corridor. This unfortunate bedroom location can create seismic ripples in the love department.

If your bedroom sits in a dragon’s mouth, place a few mirrors opposite of each other in the hallway right outside of your room. This should counteract the bad energy of the location. One more word about mirrors: don’t have them in the actual bedroom. Mirrors are what are known in feng shui as an “active” item, or an object that reflects “yang” or masculine energy. You should never put active items in a bedroom.

Your Bed

You never want to line up your bed with the front door or any other door. If you want a nice, gentle flow of energy in your future relationship, create balance with space on both sides of your bed. You’ll also want support in addition to loving energy, so buy a nice headboard if you don’t already have one. Lastly, never use the bottom of your bed for a storage area.


When it comes to practicing feng shui for love and romance, adding the right colors to your bedroom will go a long way towards sending the right energy your way. Changing the color of your bed linens can be one way to make feng shui work in your favor. A few great colors that you can consider for your bed linens include shades of red, white and green.

Happy Imagery

The imagery on your walls and surfaces can act as either a magnet or a repellant to a romantic partner and loving energy. When practicing feng shui principles for your bedroom, you definitely want to take into consideration the photos and pictures that surround you.

Take down all artwork, images, and photos that communicate sadness and melancholy to the viewer. If you want a happy partner and relationship, you have to start things off by removing all of the sad pictures from your bedroom.

You also want warmth from your partner and relationship. Therefore, remove cold items like mini-fridges, cold packs, air conditioning units, and other types of cold units from your bedroom. If one or more of these cold items must stay in your bedroom, then warm up the room with red items, pictures of a fire burning, or photos of happy couples strategically placed in the area.

When making feng shui arrangements for your love life, you will always want to remove clutter from your bedroom. This adds a fresh, new energy to the space. Once you do that, you will want to pair all or most of your bedroom items. For example, buy two bedroom lamps instead of one. Buy two towels for your bathroom instead of one. You want to make space for your future partner, so start by pairing up your possessions.

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