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3 Foods to Improve Your Sex Drive

Looking to enhance your sex life? Before you start reaching for pills designed to increase libido or promote erections, try altering your diet a little. There are a surprising number of aphrodisiac foods that actually work. Here are three of the best ones:

1 – Saffron

food to improve sex drive saffron

Source: Wikipedia

This delicate seasoning is the stigma from specific crocus flowers. The stigmas must be plucked by hand from each flower, so saffron can be quite expensive. Fortunately, just a few threads will give you the sexual benefits you need.

Saffron contains several unique antioxidants, such as crocin, safranal and crocetin. These promote blood flow and studies have shown that libido tends to be higher after consuming this spice.

How to Eat Saffron:

You don’t need a lot of saffron to get the flavor and benefits from it. Just a couple of threads are enough to flavor an entire meal. To prepare it, put the threads you plan to use in a small bowl. Add three teaspoons of hot water for every teaspoon of saffron and leave it for at least two hours to soak. Use the liquid in soups, rice, couscous or any other dish that could use some color and flavor.

2 – Oysters

food improve sex drive oysters

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It turns out these tasty shellfish are high in zinc, which stimulates the production of testosterone in the body. Since testosterone levels affect libido in both men and women, this is a very good thing.

In addition to zinc, oysters are a source of dopamine, the feel-good hormone. Eating some oysters on a regular basis can actually help you get in the mood more often.

How to Eat Oysters:

While the traditional way to eat an oyster is raw, this isn’t the only method. Try smoked oysters on crackers, or toss them on the grill in the shell until they’re cooked enough to open. Add your favorite sauce to finish the oysters off. They also go well in soups.

3 – Avocado

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

These creamy fruits are a fun addition to this list of aphrodisiacs. You’ve probably enjoyed avocados before, but did you know they can enhance your sex life? They are full of potassium, which gives you a libido boost, as well as Vitamin B6. This vitamin steps up the production of male sex hormones to increase sex drive.

Another benefit is the folic acid found in avocados. This can give you an energy boost, especially when eaten with a protein source, since folic acid allows you to metabolize protein better.

How to Eat Avocado:

This fruit is delicious all on its own, just cut in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. However, you can also make guacamole, toss chunks in a salad, or use the mashed avocado as a mayonnaise substitute on a sandwich or in chicken salad.

Chow down on these tasty foods to get some exciting benefits. Whether you try just one or decide to enjoy them all, you’ll see the results.


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