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GONE Is the Face of New Porn. Here’s Why…

People watch porn with the intent of unleashing fantasies, releasing stress or simply cumming, and the porn industry is really good at offering the right entertainment for each expectation. You get used to it, spoiled even. You type [insert your porn keyword here], pick a movie, press “play” and boom: Things unfold the way you expected them to. However, what if when you press “play” expecting to cum and move on with your life unusual feelings take over instead? Well, if that happens, you are probably navigating in the strange waters of a new kind of porn, and Gone is the kind of boat you would jump on board to explore what this new porn is all about.



Gone – A Story of Love & Courage is a 35-minute movie that follows the journey of Rebecca and Todd, a couple both emotionally and sexually connected. You feel everything they feel – happiness, sadness, and naughtiness. Your mind is in the story. Your hands are not on your parts. Most porn is about sex as an act. Gone is about sex as a connection – and this is the best sex you can witness on screen.

The movie stars two relatively new faces in the industry, Madeline Blue and Gee Richards, and is directed by Angie Rowntree, founder of an erotic website made for and by women. You can watch Gone in its explicit versions (ejaculation friendly) or in its erotic version, according to your mood or taste.

Ready to jump on board? CLICK HERE to visit the movie official page. There, you will find photos, trailer, a fun Q&A with the actors, and the two versions of the movie to buy.


Gone – A Story of Love & Courage (2015)

Produced by: Sssh

Directed by: Angie Rowntree

Starring: Madeline Blue and Gee Richards

Written by: Natalia Cross and Angie Rowntree

Adapted for screen by: Kitten Boheme

Age: 18+

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