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How to Be Sexy


Sex appeal – either you’ve got it or you don’t, right? Turns out, being sexy isn’t as elusive as you might think. Try these three steps to boost your sexiness and transform your quirks into your best, and hottest, features.

3 Easy Steps to Your Transformation

1. Confidence Is Key

We’ve all heard it before – confidence is a person’s sexiest feature. Despite the overuse of the adage, there’s some truth to it. We like to convince ourselves that the person rocking it at the club or your best friend’s party without a care in the world isn’t just confident, they’re flawless. But nobody is perfect, and gaining confidence is just a matter of owning your quirks. We live in a world of impossible expectations, and learning to love yourself as you are can be a daunting task. If confidence is something you struggle with, start small. Stand in front of a mirror and list the parts of your body you like every morning. Put some music on in your home with some friends and dance it up. Laugh at your goofy moves at compliment yourself on the sexy ones. Before you know it, that confidence will start to carry over to your interactions with everyone else. Next time you strut your stuff out on the town, you’ll be turning more heads than you think.

2. Play to Your Strengths

Some people have those obvious features that leave little question about their sexual appeal (DSL, anyone?). Some of us are a little less blessed. If you’re not one of the lucky folks with a sculpted behind and legs that go for miles, don’t despair! First things first, remember that every person has different preferences, even if they don’t admit it on their dating profile. People of all shapes and sizes can find love (and hot sex) in this world, and you can speed up the process by highlighting and perfecting your best features. For instance, thick thighs are not only sensual, but strong! Take a pole dancing class at a local studio and learn how to harness that strength for a sexy strip tease. Worried that you’re too short for your date? Show them that you’re just that much closer to giving them incredible oral sex. Make a list of your features and brainstorm how you can use them to you, and your partner’s advantage.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

It might look like it comes naturally, but being sexy is a skill. And the best way to hone any skill is to practice. Sex appeal is something you learn by doing, and there are plenty of ways to “do sexy” without actually “doing it”. Perfect your oral sex skills on a ripe, juicy mango or a popsicle – who says practice can’t be delicious? When you masturbate, get loud! Let your inner nympho out and moan, or practice talking dirty to an imaginary partner to get comfortable with the words you want to say. When watching porn or reading erotica, take note of what you’d like to try and test out the parts you can alone – for instance, if you want to play with rope, practice tying knots on yourself or a teddy bear. Don’t be afraid to explore, and cut yourself some slack if things aren’t perfect the first time.

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