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How to Talk Dirty to a Woman without Pushing Her from Her Comfort Zone


If a woman has let you reach a point where she feels comfortable enough to dirty talk with you — either in person or through electronic communication — the key to not screwing it up and losing your privileges is remaining respectful.

Maintain Respect, Even While Erect

One surefire way to make it obvious that you don’t know how to talk dirty to a woman is messing up your first chance to whisper something naughty into her ear by choosing the wrong words. Whether this poor choice of syntax was in reference to sexual organs, or perhaps an ill-advised sexual pet name for your partner, it will often kill the mood either way. It is always a good idea to make sure you and your partner are on the same page before you start vocalizing your dirtiest desires.

Keep an Eye Out for Hints: Awareness During Arousal Is Important

You might be thinking that you have no idea what a woman wants to hear, but that might not be necessarily true. Think back to earlier conversations you have had — back to things that she referenced liking about your body or her own. Use these hints as a way of dictating your pace and directing your desires while you are figuring out how to talk dirty to her.

Appreciate the Buildup

Regardless of how often you’re dirty talking, it is still an important personal milestone for everyone involved — so make sure to treat it that way. Don’t be in a hurry to move from step to step so quickly. Make each incremental increase in intensity unbearably passionate to the point that your partner is on the edge of her seat with eagerness to hear your graphic descriptions of how your touch would benefit her body. Nearly everybody has unlimited calls and texts these days, why is everybody in such a hurry to finish a sexting or phone sex session?

Make Her Pleasure Your Priority

Though it is basic human nature to want the majority of attention centered around yourself, especially in romantic or sexual situations, being unselfish in this instance can be very beneficial. Be quick to compliment her body and create imagery in which you are catering to her needs and possible fetishes. Most importantly, do not try to push her in a direction she doesn’t want to go and avoid including items or situations that you know do not appeal to her. Not only will you make the experience more enjoyable for her, but this selflessness will also make you appear a more competent, compassionate, and capable lover — even if you’re not quite at that level yet.

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