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Pleasure the One You Adore: The Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set


Image by Lelo

The Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set seems like the beginner’s erotic toy set for people who want to get just a little bit kinky, but want to start on the gentle side. It doesn’t get more basic than this – cuffs, blindfold, vibrator, and a swanky box to keep them in. For some couples, this will be a thrilling adventure, while for some of our, ahem, more zealous readers, this will be “been there, done that.”

But they spared no expense in what they do include. The silk cuffs are comfortable and lightweight, very easy to secure to an anchor point such as the headboard. The blindfold is classy matching silk and also has extra-long ties –don’t tell the reviewer in the video, but the extra material is there to do double duty as an extra bit of bondage gear.

The vibrator is a six-speed little red dervish that comes with a full year warranty, so have fun trying to wear it out in only 365 days. The vibrator is USB-rechargeable, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on batteries. The cost of the whole kit is pretty affordable too. This review at JoDivine says:

MIA version 2 is a body-safe plastic lipstick vibe, which fits into the palm of my hand and looks like a Max Factor lippie with its angled top. It is an upgraded version of the original toy, more powerful and fully submersible so you can use it in the bath or shower. I look forward to testing that out later.

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Discreet clitoral vibrators are perfect for power exchange play as well, since your Dominant can task you with wearing it inside your jeans as you go out shopping or greet the guests coming over for your play party – it lends a whole new dimension to the experience to try not to make it obvious that your pants are buzzing while you interact with others.

The cuff chains are nickel-free, so there’s no allergy concerns. The blindfold is also elastic in the back for best fit and comfort.

This whole set is made with a lot of attention to detail, and quite a few reviews remark at how inexpensive the set is compared to buying the pieces individually. So it’s a nice set to use as a starting point for later accessories.

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