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Lights, Camera, Action with Max Candy

Finding adult films that offer an entertaining plot as well as arousing action can be a challenge. The work of director Max Candy may give you exactly what you are seeking. The French film director brings 18 years of experience to his offerings and it shows.

I caught up with Max and chatted a bit about his films, observations and aspirations. There are exciting things to come!

Inglorious Bitches movie poster, a film of Max Candy

Inglorious Bitches movie poster, a film of Max Candy

Many of your films, such as Ritual and Inglorious Bitches, are very artistic with strong plot lines. How do you find the balance between hardcore action and cerebral stimulation?

That’s a tough question. Generally I try to make movies for both men and women, when you look at it that way it’s more critically important to balance the action and the storyline. Also my movies are generally aimed at cable TV which has a wider audience.

A man feels sexual desire first in his body, and a woman feels it first in her mind. A good balance between action and story line help them get to the same place.

You’ve been making adult films for about 18 years. Do you have predictions about upcoming trends in the adult film industry based on your observation of past trends?

I think everything happens in a cycle, quality has been less important over the last few years mainly due to budget concerns, but I predict a few high-end films coming shortly. Also the advance of more VR projects.

Which of your films is your favorite? Why?

My favorite film is Inglorious Bitches. I enjoy styling women in World War II period clothing. And of all the orgy scenes I have of shot, I believe that’s my favorite.

Which of your films is least favorite? Why?

Way too many films. I shot a few gonzo films and I’m not really particularly proud of them. I do prefer films with a storyline, I think it’s more important. And connects between with both genders.

What can we expect in the future from Max Candy?

I’m currently working on a high budget virtual reality project. It is an interesting project as the technology and the audience is changing very quickly

My main project is a mainstream TBV documentary project about BDSM. It focuses on the myths and misconceptions around BDSM and the people that enjoy it.

Check it out at IMDB and

What advice would you offer someone looking to break into the adult film industry?

Know that it’s much harder to break in than it used to be. But commit yourself to a niche and be the best you can in that niche.

Let’s talk about how the adult film industry has changed during your 18 years in the business. What do you see as the biggest differences?

The industry is reshaping itself due to piracy, films are as popular as ever but no one seems to want to pay for them. I believe the industry is at a crossroad.

Do you think there are vast differences between the adult industry in the US and France? If so, can you talk about those differences?

I think the difference between the United States and France is style. France still prefers stockings and beautiful lingerie. Americans are all about the action.

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