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Q&A with Filmmaker Michelle Flynn


Michelle Flynn (on the right) giving instructions to performers/Lightsouthern.

Michelle Flynn is an award-wining producer and director, founder of Lightsouthern studios. This Australian filmmaker has been working in the adult industry for 10 years. The result? More than 20 films in her portfolio and worldwide recognition. In this interview, Flynn speaks about her start, movies (of course) and projects on the go.

What attracted you to the adult film industry?

I moved to Melbourne and met a bunch of amazing women who all happened to be working in the adult industry at the time. What struck me was the amount of fun they were having, and that they had shattered my own ideas of what porn was and could be. So really it was the women working in the industry over the industry itself that really got me hooked. Then I started performing and realized I’d probably be more use behind the camera than in front of it. heh.

What are the essential elements that you would consider as indicators of good quality adult films?

I used to put a really big emphasis on high production values –  and as a woman, I really wanted to kick the guys asses. In my own films, I try and shoot in amazing locations and a part of that is the beautiful cinematography. Though I have seen so many amazing porn films that have put nothing into production. What they all have in common is chemistry between performers and a unique or surprising element, I like it when adult film change the end goal (in other words, the classic pop shot). For me, if you can have kick ass production values, unshakeable chemistry AND a twist, you got it.

Momentum seems to be the flagship of your brand. The stories that make up Momentum happen in 1970’s Australia. Why did you choose this decade and this country to tell your stories?

I did initially only wanted to do number 1 the ‘Surfer girl’ Momentum. I grew up by the beach, and always had an interest with the surfer counter culture of the 70’s, plus the aesthetics are just so cool. I thought fuck it, I’ll throw surfer counter culture with our indie porn counter culture and see what happens… then we received funding to do 3 more films. They are all based loosely around Australian classic films of the time, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Puberty Blues and Wake in Fright.

From the costumes to the cinematography, every single detail of your movies is poetical, truly artistic. Sometimes, you even forget you are watching a porn! Why move away from the traditional porn feel?

Thank you for that lovely compliment! It definitely wasn’t an accident. I wanted it feel nostalgic, not just cater to our generation but the boomers as well. As we know, there are a LOT of porn sites out there; I also really wanted to create something that stood out from the rest.

Watching your behind the scene movies, I noticed the technical crew is predominantly composed of women. Is it a statement or pure coincidence?

To be honest, a lot of my professional and trusted colleagues in the industry are women. I don’t necessarily think that men are better or worse on set, it really comes down to the individual and making sure that the performers are being treated with respect and care from all crew. For me, that is a solid crew of professional women I use in most of my bigger productions.

Could you share with us some adult projects you are currently working on?

Right now a lot of our emphasis is going into Virtual Reality. We produced the first Australian VR porn scene, and we are continuing to shoot really diverse, alt VR and it’s a trip! VR is a whole new world as far as porn goes. We actually shot the sex scenes in Momentum 4 in Virtual Reality as well.

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