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Orgasmic Tips for Girls


I think we can all agree that, as a lady, getting to that very special place can be well… a little bit tricky. From discomfort with our own bodies to worries about how “normal” our desires may be, there are a lot of things that get in the way of helping us reach that pinnacle of female sexual satisfaction, the orgasm. This is what the blog Orgasmic Tips for Girls is for. It’s a blog all about helping girls achieve orgasm.

My Thoughts

At first glance, it can be a little intimidating if you’re not used to the sexual frankness of Tumblr. The first thing I saw was a gif of a couple really going at it. Your first instinct may be to click away if, like me, you find yourself dissatisfied by most porn sites, finding them too male-centric and not concerned with the female viewer. However, once you explore a little more, you find that the blog is all about women and there is something there for every woman, whatever she’s into.

On the home page (along with the gifs) are stories shared by people about their own sexual experiences. The stories are varied, from describing hot kinky sex with a stranger to awkward loving sex between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Whatever kind of sex you’re into. It’s there. If you’re more of a visual kind of girl, there’s a section for videos, and links to good quality female friendly porn sites (something that is incredibly hard to find on the internet) and a section for sexy audio. It’s not heteronormative either and there’s plenty there for the bi-curious, bi or lesbian viewer.

There is also a comprehensive advice section, covering a whole gamut of sexual concerns. With categories such as “masturbation worries”, “sexual identity” and “body stuff” meaning that whether you need masturbation tips, answers to questions about your sexuality or are just worried that your boobs aren’t normal, there is something there to help you feel a little less weird and alone.

In combining the advice component and porn element, the creator is acknowledging that what is standing in the way of a lot of woman achieving sexual satisfaction is anxieties girls have about sex, anxieties that are rarely addressed openly. The creator, Holly, says empowering girls to feel confident is a large part of them feeling sexually fulfilled.

It turns out, feeling educated and empowered is a massive part of feeling confident sexual and turned on!… Maybe you come for some advice and end up stumbling across something that gets you off, or maybe you’re looking for something that turns you on, and end up learning a little something new along the way.

By talking frankly about sex, the blog helps normalize sexual desires and let go of your own specific insecurities and find that special thing that turns you on. It acknowledges that women all have different worries and different kinks and caters to that all in a great way.

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