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Sex During Pregnancy: 3 Myths Debunked

So you had sex and got pregnant, how perfect is that! Now you can do the dirty without the worry of getting pregnant! You may still be worried about sex during pregnancy, so below I have 3 myths people tell you all the time. Hopefully I can ease your mind a bit because I know from experience you need to cut out all the stress you possibly can in your life when a little one is on the way. I remember, when I started showing during my pregnancy, I wasn’t able to get through a day without at least a couple of people telling me what I should do or what I should worry about. They were always so opinionated, and sometimes it was men, or woman that had never been pregnant giving me advice! I understand some people are just trying to be helpful, but in most cases it’s just going to make you worry more. So take it from me and say no way to at least the three things below people used to tell me all the time.

#1 It will hurt the baby

This is one of the biggest stories told to women while they’re pregnant and it’s not true. When I found out I was pregnant, this was one of the first things that I was concerned about. I actually assumed once I reached a certain point in my pregnancy I would no longer be able to have sex. Which I was pretty upset about at the time! So I asked my doctor that awkward question. Can I still have sex throughout my whole pregnancy? The answer is yes, of course you can! As much as you want whenever you want. My doctor did go into more detail and explained that the amniotic sac protects the baby from anything that could get up there. Its also good to note that your partner’s penis can’t reach all the way up there. Even if he is on the big side, your cervix stays tightly closed to protect the baby.

#2 Oral sex is  dangerous while pregnant

This is so not true, and I really don’t know why people think this is an issue. Honestly, it’s a solution when you are deep in your third trimester, and that big belly is in the way no matter what position you try. Personally, I resorted to oral sex more and more the later in my pregnancy I got. It is important that your partner doesn’t harshly blow an air bubble up into your vagina, however this is bad whether you are pregnant or not.

#3 Sex will cause premature labor

This is not true for normal pregnancies. Normal… no pregnancy is normal, but as long as it’s not a high-risk pregnancy, you are good to go! In any pregnancy, the baby’s going to do what baby wants to do, and there’s nothing that’s going to change that. So worry less and relieve that stress. Now keep in mind you probably shouldn’t be having sex after your water has broken but most likely at that point you won’t want to be fooling around at all.

I hope this helps clarify some things for new mommies. Pregnancy truly can be a time of natural sexiness, so embrace it and try not to let others stress you out about things that are just not true.

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