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What Positions Should I Avoid during Pregnancy?


You’re Expecting – Congrats!

First of all, a huge shout out to the mommas to be. You are literally embarking on the greatest responsibility of all, creating a human, and I’m sure you are experiencing around 5,000 emotions an hour. Blessings to you, your bladder, your heart, your family, and your on-the-way bundle of joy.

OK Great, but Can I still Have Sex?

I’m not a doctor, and so, of course, the first thing I’m going to tell you is that you need to have this conversation with your doctor. For most women with uncomplicated and low-risk pregnancies, sex is extraordinarily safe. It’s important that you check in with yourself, and gauge your sex-drive. For some women, the first trimester can leave them feeling exceptionally horny, while for some women they only feel exceptionally nauseous. During the second semester, the morning sickness tends to fade, and there’s a greater level of lubrication and engorgement in the genitals, putting sex back on the table. Each pregnancy is unique, so don’t feel weird if you think you want too much or too little sex, there’s no such thing!

Next, talk to your partner and have open conversations about how both of you are feeling about sex during the pregnancy. Some dads-to-be find sex as a great way to bond when everything is centered on the baby, and some might be scared of hurting the baby. The ultimate goal is for both of you to be assured of the safety and on the same page when it comes to comfort, and if you get nothing else from this article know the importance of open conversations with both your doctor and your partner.

The Dirty Details

Ok ladies, let’s get in-formation. What positions should you avoid while pregnant? Let’s break this down by trimester:

1st-trimester positions to try

Anything goes. Go as tame or wild as you want.

1st-trimester positions to avoid

See above, anything goes. As I mentioned before, if your particularly worried about the safety of your pregnancy and sex, or if you have fears of a miscarriage (which has no known connection to sex during pregnancy so far), be sure to go over your risks with your doctor.

2nd-trimester positions to try

Take advantage of your not-so-big-yet belly and higher energy levels by trying out fun modifications of doggy-style, woman on top, the “lotus,” or reverse spooning, also known as face-to-face.

2nd-trimester positions to avoid

Avoid positions where you are laying flat on your back. This position puts you at risk for having your uterus put dangerous pressure on your aorta. If you absolutely must do missionary style sex, try using pillows under your left hip to shift the baby off your aorta.

3rd-trimester positions to try

Ultimately, you don’t want to do positions that are putting pressure on your belly. Similarly to 2nd trimester, positions that focus on rear entry (like spooning) and woman on top positions work ideally.

3rd-trimester positions to avoid

According to a poll, pregnant women may start to find anal sex enticing but proceed with caution as many pregnant women also suffer from hemorrhoids.

Oral Sex

A final tip on sex during pregnancy, while oral sex is safe during all trimesters, it’s important your partner avoids blowing or forcing air into your vagina, as it puts you at risk for developing an air embolus, which could be potentially fatal.

Have fun!

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