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How Our Wax Play Candles Were Born…


Wax play candles are meant to be poured on the skin for kinky play. So it is scary to think that so many candles in the market right now, labeled as wax play candles, are actually ordinary candles. They are made with ingredients that shouldn’t be in contact with your skin and offer a dripping temperature so high that they can cause you burns and leave scars.

Sex Talk About Wax Play Candles

Sex Talk About is an adult publication and, therefore, we test adult products. A lot. From dildos to movies. From all candles Sex Talk About tested, none were truly safe and most of them completely mislead the market.

That’s when we decided to use our kinky expertise to create a wax play candle with both excellence and safety in mind. That’s how the Sex Talk About Candles were born.

Handmade 48 hours Prior to Shipping

Our candles aren’t made in a factory overseas or by some kind of obscure brand. They are made here in North America, in our cozy west coast office. And here is the best part: they are made by the hands of the founder of Sex Talk About herself, with the help of her husband, within 48 hours prior to shipping. From the moment you click on the buy button, we put our hands in wax to create awesome candles for you.

Would you like proof we are working on your candles right from the moment you order them? When purchasing your set, just shoot us an email (within 1 hour of purchasing) asking for a picture showing your order number next to the molds with fresh wax, and we will send it over to you!

Why Our Candles Are the Best You Can Find

Here is a list of reasons why we are certain our bdsm candles are the best you can find on the market:

  • They are made with GMO-free ingredients, produced in North America. No harmful ingredients are used.
  • They are made by hand right after you purchase them. You can be sure to get a product made specially for you.
  • Our special formula gives you a safe dripping temperature. You will “feel the burn”, but the wax will not actually burn your skin.
  • They are designed to last longer. You will be able to use your candles over many wax play sessions.

The Candle in Action

If you would like to see our candles in action, here is a quick overview video about our Sex Talk About Wax Play Candles. You will notice how safe they are when in contact with the skin and how easy it is to peel them off the skin after play:

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