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Why Do Men Like Anal Sex?


Men adore anal sex and would beg for it – and this is often the case since most ladies who have engaged in anal sex do so at the request of their better halves. The reasons for this fascination are many, and in this post I listed some of them.

Why Do Men Like Anal Sex?

1. Control Factor and Trust

Control and power are primal instincts for most guys. With that in mind, laying on top of you controlling the situation is the ultimate form of dominance. It is also perceived as “having every part of your body.” And honestly, who (guys i.e.) doesn’t love it? The idea that your wife/girlfriend has put all her sexual satisfaction in your hands is the greatest show of trust. And if at the end of it all I can make you orgasm then I want to lie back with a smug smile feeling good about myself.

2. We Love Your Butt

Seriously (rolling my eyes), do I have to explain this? Okay, some guys claim to be boob guys, others prefer the legs and others the backside. However, it boils down to the butt.

Ladies, we love you from behind, and your butt is probably amongst the top five things we like about you. And of this five, it’s on the higher end.

As guys, we love your butts, and the very thought of having sex with the very backside we have been fantasizing about is a dream come true. Much like we have hit the jackpot.

3. It’s a Taboo

This comes third though it should top the list for why men love anal sex. Anal was and still is a taboo, and rules were meant to be broken, right? Breaking rules helps us feel powerful and, we cherish power.

4. A Gift, Novelty, a Status Symbol

You know how rich guys love eating caviar not for how sweet it is but to be able to tell their friends they’ve eaten it? Well, anal sex is pretty much the same. Not everyone has had it and being among the elite few who have gives us status. Guys also consider anal sex a gift or a treat. It’s rarely on the menu, and so when it is available, it is a novelty.

5. It Is Arousing

Guys are sexual beings, and for some if not most, sex is just a means of physical relief. That being said, a woman embracing and allowing a guy to go all Indiana Jones on her is provocative and stirs up primal instincts in men. After all, anal is sex at its rawest. It also shows the desire and disposition of a woman to have sex in purely a physical way. No strings attached I would say, and guys dig this.

6. Variety

Men love anal sex since it spices up sex and offers an entirely different feeling from vaginal sex.

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