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X2 Orgasmatron, We Tried It!

The first time we saw the X2 Orgasmatron in the Orgasmatronics store, we were curious about it. X2 seemed to have a very state-of-the-art design, and was created by a PhD from Yale University. We wanted to try it, and so we did!

Did it disappoint us? Keep reading to find out…

X2 Orgasmatron 101

After a lot of anticipation, the X2 finally arrived. The package was composed of four items:

x2 orgasmatron sex toy

X2 Orgasmatron was created by Doctor X. Treme

  • User manual
  • Polly attachment
  • Pink Jane dildo
  • The X2 itself, and its power cord

User Manual

The user manual is an illustrated booklet in English that contains all the information you need to start playing with your X2. For those who lack in bed creativity, it also gives some suggestions of how to play with the toy.

Polly Attachment

Here is something we really loved about this toy. It can become many toys in one thanks to the Polly Attachment, composed of different size holes where you can insert any flare-based dildo you like.

Polly attachment

Thanks to the Polly attachment, X2 can become all toys you want it to be! 

Pink Jane Dildo

This is the dildo that came with the X2. It is made of a medical-grade silicone, and is the right size for deep (literally) pleasure. Jane can be used either attached to the X2 or on its own.

The X2

X2 is the powerhouse that makes everything happen. Think of it as a game console (like PlayStation). The dildo is the game, whereas the X2 is the console. With this super console beside your bed, you can play pretty much any game you want!

It also offers a wide range of speeds, from gentle vibrations (perfect for clitoris, nipple or testicle stimulation) to powerful ones (great for penetration).

A Few Words from the Orgasmatronics Team

While using the toy, some questions arose; so we reached out the Orgasmatronics team to find out the answers:

We love Jane, but we would also like to try Rosa and Grace as well. On the store, it says these attachments are for the X1. Can we use them on the X2 as well?


We do plan to offer Rosa and Grace attachments for the X2 Orgasmatron. The new X2 has flat sides and the new Jane has corresponding silicone that holds it snugly in place on the head the X2 so the attachment doesn’t rotate during use. The head of the X1 is round so the Rosa and Grace for the X1 aren’t compatible with the X2, but we’re looking forward to offering compatible Rosa and Grace for the X2 very soon.


What inspired these attachments names (Jane, Rosa, etc)?


We needed names for our X1 attachments and during the name process we found ourselves pondering our Mission(ary) Position:


“…ignore traditional constraints and explore our creativity both in the lab and in the bedroom. It inspires us to push the boundaries of existing methods. To study new techniques. To invent. To make it possible for you to fulfill your sexual potential.”


That’s when we decided on Great Women in Science. Who better to name our products after than women who had already done the very thing we are trying to do now?!


Polly is name after Polly Matziger, immunologist. The Grace for Grace Hopper, computer scientist. The Rosa for Rosalind Franklin, best known for her work in DNA.


Are there any plans for a cordless/battery-powered model?


The X2 Orgasmatron is so high powered that it works much better plugged into an outlet. Dr. X. Treme is currently doing R&D for a new product that will be both strong and battery-powered. Stay tuned for that!


Do you guys ship worldwide?


We do! The shipping is currently fairly high to ship outside the US from our lab in Denver, CO, but we plan to have products in warehouses in Canada and the UK later this year.

Our Final Thoughts

We loved everything about this toy. It delivered above and beyond what we expected to get from it. 5/5 hands down!

Have you tried it already? Or would you like to ask us questions about X2 that were not answered by the article? Please, feel more than welcome to post your comment below. We would love to chitchat with you!

5 stars review

2 thoughts on “X2 Orgasmatron, We Tried It!”

  1. Marty says:

    Orgasmatronics is out of business and I have a lady who wants an x2
    Any ideas

    1. Editorial Team Editorial Team says:

      Hi, Marty. Yes, unfortunately they closed. It is a shame, because their products were great! You can find a nice collection of vibrators on PinkCherry. We also recommend the PicoBong toys. Thank you for contacting us!

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